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Reynaers Aluminium Window and Door Suppliers in Birmingham and Solihull

Reynaers at Home is a prestigious domestic division of Reynaers Aluminium, who are a globally successful and well established business, working throughout 60 countries and across 5 continents.

Reynears Aluminium Windows & Doors

Aluminium windows and doors are without a doubt top of the range products, due to the quality of the materials used, making them durable and resistant products. By partnering with Reynaers at Home, Framemaster is able to supply Aluminium doors and windows to customers in Solihull, Birmingham and Midlands areas, of the very highest quality.

In addition, our collaboration with Reynaers enables us to offer a wide variety of designs as well as meeting specific requirements to match the style of your house or property.

Reynears Aluminium

Since its inception, Reynaers has designed some of the most high-end and cutting-edge aluminium glazing solutions for some of the world’s most iconic and prominent buildings. Engineered without compromise, our Reynaers range of aluminium glazing for windows and doors are regularly used by some of the world’s leading and most creative architects as well as by some of the largest construction companies.
Reynaers aluminium at Home is dedicated to providing the discerning British home owner with the very best aluminium products available on the market. These products are the perfect choice for any residential property as they perfectly combine style and performance, without any compromise.
Whether you are looking for coloured or bespoke aluminium windows to be installed, we will do our best to provide you with frame designs matching your exact expectations. At Framemaster we pride ourselves in being able to adapt to every single one of our clients’ needs, in terms of quality, style and installation convenience.

Aluminium Windows & Doors Installers

As window and doors installers experts, having worked in Solihull and the Birmingham area for now almost 20 years, we have considerable experience on a wide variety of projects, from home improvements and renovations to more modern styles, or refurbishments to traditional victorian or Georgian styles, we have encountered all types of properties, from traditional to newly built houses, installing bi-folding doors, building conservatories, and open plan glazing to our clients’ houses.
Our aluminium windows are the perfect product when looking for strength, durability and a high level of resistance. Indeed, aluminium frames allow the windows to battle and win against the dreaded possibility of rust and corrosion, whilst their slim-line appearance are also aesthetically pleasing by creating a larger glass area with less visible frames for enhanced visibility and increased levels of natural daylight.

In addition to being one of the best material available to this day, aluminium is also a very sustainable, recyclable and environmentally friendly material. All of our aluminium windows are manufactured with high quality premium materials to ensure their lifespan is optimal, as all of our window frames are built to last, expecting to last you decades rather than years.

Reynaers Aluminium windows also a diverse range of RAL colours, with over 200 different shades available for both the inside and the outside of your property. All of our aluminium products being painted with a highly resistant polyester powder coat finish, which is then applied to the metal for a tough and resilient paint finish, hereby ensuring the window frame will not flake or fade over time, to preserve the pristine appearance of your property.

At Framemaster we aim to provide you not only with the best products available, but also with the most considerate customer service, all the way from the manufacture to the installation of our windows, doors, and other glass extensions. No matter whether your project is for a small private residence or a large new office location, we will always make sure that you have the perfect complimentary window design for your property as well as the most accommodating service.

If you are looking for a specific feature or unique design, or would simply like to discuss your requirements further, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today or visit us at our showroom, to arrange an appointment, and discuss your preferences and needs and chose the best option for your house and your family.

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