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French Door FAQs

French doors are a pair of doors with glass planes extending for most of its length. They open outwards on a hinge and are primarily all glass. French doors are typically a light construction and can often also be referred to as French windows. So, why should you choose French doors for your next home renovation project?

Benefits of French doors

Installing a set of new doors into your home may be the next item on the home renovation bucket list. But which doors should you choose? Find out some of the benefits of French doors, and how they can improve not only the aesthetics of your home, but potentially even your resale value too:

  • Energy efficient – one of the most common benefits of French doors is that they can reduce your energy bills. This is because the doors can be used to maximise air retention – as sliding doors take time to open and close, while French doors can be open and closed quickly, reducing the amount of air that escapes.
  • Aesthetics –as well as being fully functional, French doors can offer aesthetic features, too. The placement of French doors within your home can add a unique style – while also bringing in a large amount of light into your home. And if the weather is warm, simply open up your French doors to let both light and fresh air flood into your home with ease.
  • Bringing the outside inside – this refers both to the light that can be let in, but also to the accessibility of French doors. While adding extra doors to your home, you can add different entries to your patio or exterior – meaning they’re perfect for bringing the outside inside.
  • Secure – often, people worry that by installing French doors, this can be reducing the safety of your home. However, French doors are completely customisable, meaning that they can have security locks built in – adding an extra dimension of security to your home.
  • Valuable investment –with its security combined with its stunning aesthetic, this proves that French doors are a valuable investment for your home. By installing French doors, you can even potentially increase the sale value of your house, too.

Where to buy French doors?

Wondering where to buy French doors? Look no further than Framemaster. With a wide selection of French doors to choose from, revamp your home with ease by simply getting in touch with our a friendly member of our team. Learn more about how much French doors are, how long it takes to install French doors and more from our helpful experts.

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