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UPVC Maintenance Guide – Windows & Doors

UPVC Maintenance Guide windows and doors

UPVC windows and doors are beloved by industry professionals for their performance and durability, just as much as they are a favourite amongst customers eager for a bargain, thanks to their affordability and low maintenance. Follow this UPVC maintenance guide for your uPVC windows and doors to remain in exceptional condition for years to come. 

What is UPVC? 

The acronym stands for ‘unplasticised polyvinyl chloride’, which is a robust form of PVC that protects against chemicals and the elements. It is typically used for pipework, window and door framework, and other structures. 

UPVC Window Maintenance 


Gentleness is the principal advice when cleaning the faces of uPVC window frames. Warm water and a simple, mild detergent are perfectly adequate for this area, and it is best to avoid abrasive substances that may lead to damage. Smoke from cigarettes or the kitchen can potentially cause discoloration in the internal surfaces, but, no matter how tempting, it is still recommended to avoid chemical cleaning products in these circumstances. If this does occur, contact a member of staff from the industry who will be able to offer safe and tailored advice. 

Drainage and Condensation

Issues of drainage and condensation are inevitable in countries like the UK. Heavy bouts of rain can often result in some water accumulating at the bottom of your door and window frames. This isn’t something to be concerned about as there are drainage holes at the frame’s base, which will collect up any remaining water if it doesn’t evaporate first. 

Similarly, condensation will likely occur when there is moisture in the air or the indoor and outdoor temperatures are substantially different. Occasional condensation is inevitable for Kitchens and bathrooms, but double glazing and circulation go a long way in reducing this.

Historic windows 

If you are fortunate enough to own a beautiful leadlight window, then you may have more unique concerns about your framework. Leadlights are historical decorative pieces of glass and lead that feature in many of England’s Victorian homes. Rainwater or condensation may result in an interim discolouration and sometimes a white misty appearance along the lead. But again, this is perfectly natural and an issue that sorts itself. The process of oxidation will eventually lead to the colour of the lead stabilising into a dark grey that will then no longer stain. 

UPVC Windows

Window locks and hinges

The maintenance involved in your window locks essentially follows basic common sense. If your window lock operates with a key, don’t try forcing it open without the key release, and ensure you are turning the handle correctly before opening and closing. Other windows may use a shoot bolt locking system. These are useful as they have a secondary position that allows for subtle ventilation. However, it is important to remember that this is not always suitable from a home security standpoint and must be closed fully when residents are asleep or vacant from the property.

For a premium, long-lasting performance from your window hinges, a light amount of cleaning is recommended. A quick brushing of the tracks will help keep them free of debris and running smooth. The hinges ought to be cleaned with a silicon spray and the condition of the screws checked in case they need tightening. You can increase the friction pressure by turning the screw in a clockwise direction where you can ensure that the hinges on each side of the window are equal in pressure to best maintain an equilibrium in tension. 

Fire escape 

All Tricept windows have a minimum width of 500mm and a sideward opening, Most importantly, they are all installed with fire escape hinges as part of safety regulations. The opening sash can open to almost 900mm, where from this position the sash can be slid towards the centre for even greater access. Not only is this a great advantage in emergencies, but it also helps out in day-to-day life, by making the window far easier to clean.

UPVC window prices 

These styles of window frames are some of the most popular and are almost exclusively used in the construction of newly built UK homes. Not only are they more simply maintained than the likes of aluminium or timber, but uPVC windows are also incredibly cheaper. Click here for more information on Framemaster’s installation services in and around the West Midlands.

UPVC door maintenance 


Much like with your uPVC windows, cleaning the handles, letterboxes, and chrome and brass hardware of your uPVC doors is best done with tenderness. A dry, soft cloth will do the job wonderfully and protects these aspects from abrasive and potentially damaging liquids. You may also take the time to check your drainage is clear of any disruptive debris, and, once again, a silicon spray can be used to lubricate your door’s hinges.

Multi-point door lock 

You may be curious about what a multi-point door lock is. They are security bolts that extend along most, if not the entirety, of the door’s full height. This adds a considerable level of extra protection from a possible home invasion by having several locking points. 

Multi-point door locks are surprisingly straightforward to use, whereby simply lifting the handle lever upwards opens all of the security bolts. One full turn towards the lock achieves a deadlock, where all the bolts are locked and your home is fully secure. The opposite motion of one full turn away from the lock disengages the deadlock setting. This can be followed by a push of the handle downwards, which retracts each of the security bolts and the door is free to open. 

French Doors 

The french style consists of a double-door layout. What is called the lead door is opened first, which can then be followed by the slave door. When using a multi-point door lock, the lead door operates just like any other residential door, identical to the process described above. However, the slave door necessitates some extra steps. 

In order to fully release the top and bottom bolts, you must unlock the lead door as normal and then pull the internal handle on the slave door downwards. To then lock the doors up again, firstly close the slave door and this time pull the handle upwards to once again engage the top and bottom bolts. You are then free to lock the leading door as usual. The external handle of the slave door is for aesthetic purposes only and remains in a fixed position.

upvc doors maintenance guide

Patio Doors 

Most patio doors are in-line sliding structures. This means that the doors sit within the tracks that run the top and bottom of the doors, which allows them to move along the track to open and close. These styles can be fitted with a lock cylinder for added security, which is operated using a key. Again, this is fairly easy to keep clean with silicon spray. Neither the key channel nor the cylinder is suitable to be oiled. 

UPVC Windows and Doors with Framemaster

As leading specialists in home improvement design and installation, the expert staff at Framemaster, Solihull, are delighted to be one of the most trusted voices in the industry. We strongly believe in preserving a home’s history whilst embracing modern advancements in tech and design to ultimately bring you your idyllic home. 

Spanning across the West Midlands and Warwickshire area, we have more than two decades of experience in the business, readily available to offer you the best advice on windows, doors, and more. 

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