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Ultimate Guide To uPVC Windows – Everything You Need to Know

Interested in purchasing uPVC windows, but want to know a bit more information first? Our ultimate guide has you covered. From how to clean your uPVC windows to how much they cost, find out more now.

What are uPVC windows?

uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) material is a form of plastic, also known as rigid PVC due to its hard and sturdy nature. Because of this, uPVC is proven to be an excellent choice for window frames. Due its long lasting durability and low maintenance, uPVC windows are a popular choice among home owners.

Benefits of uPVC windows

There are multiple benefits of uPVC windows, including:

  • Low cost – uPVC windows are typically a more affordable alternative to other types of windows frames, such as timber or aluminium.
  • Low maintenance – other than cleaning in and around the frames, you can generally leave your uPVC windows to look after themselves. With a material this durable, you won’t experience any signs of rot or weather damage that you might experience with timber.
  • Excellent performance – uPVC windows are extremely energy efficient, so you can reduce heating costs while keeping your property cosy and warm during the colder months.
  • Sound insulation – as the window frames provide a thick insulation which helps with energy efficiency, it also cancels out external noise from the neighbourhood, street and garden.
  • Thermal efficiency – during the colder months, this type of window is perfect for keeping in all the heat in your home – and not letting the cold creep in.

Frequently asked uPVC questions

Can you paint uPVC windows?

Yes – it is possible to paint your uPVC windows. However, it’s important to paint them the right way and uPVC wasn’t designed to be painted on. uPVC is a material designed to be low maintenance, resistant to elements and unweathering which means, by painting it, you’d be contradicting its initial purpose. If you are sure painting your uPVC windows is what you want, just be prepared for the extra maintenance which will come with it by having to keep up with repainting.

How do you clean uPVC windows?

Although one of the selling points of uPVC windows is low maintenance, it’s always advised to clean your frames every so often:

  1. Begin by cleaning the hinges and insides of the uPVC frames
  2. Open up the window as far as you can and use a vacuum attachment to suck up any dust
  3. Use the same vacuum nozzle and a small soft brush, go around the corners of the frame to suck up any dirt or dust
  4. Using a cloth and warm water, mix a mild soap solution together to clean the frames.
  5. Once you’re finished cleaning the frame, be sure to add a few drops of multi-purpose oil to the hinges in order to keep them lubricated.

How much are uPVC windows?

The price of uPVC windows can depend on many factors, but generally, they usually range from about £400 – £800. This is determined by size of the window, the number of panels required and the bespoke features chosen – for example, the colour and the hardware. Looking to buy your own uPVC windows? Get a quote from Framemaster today for your home, or visit us in our Solihull showroom.

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