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Traditional Orangery Vs Modern Orangery

Traditional Orangery Vs Modern Orangery

Want to extend your current living space? Rather than moving house or building an extension, which can both be costly procedures, why not consider an orangery? The perfect way to create an additional living area while maximising on light and space, find out whether to choose traditional or modern orangeries for your home today.

What is an orangery?

Orangeries – often confused with conservatories, due to their extremely similar qualities – are forms of home-extensions that can be used in the same way as a conservatory can. Orangeries often provide a touch more privacy than conservatories do due to the brick pillars which distinguish this style. Orangeries offer the opportunity to homeowners of extending the current space they have, and creating a new living area, dining room, storage space or sunroom at the back of the house for all the family to enjoy.

what is an orangery
The stunning orangery building floods the adjoining rooms with light through its glass structure – whilst the interior height of our typical modern orangery creates a feeling of grandeur that is sure to appeal to the discerning homeowner. The interior height of an orangery’s roof provides a breath-taking focal point through which light floods into your home, allowing for views of the sky above.

Learn more about our range of bespoke orangeries we offer at Framemaster, and find out more about the difference between conservatories and orangeries now.

Traditional orangeries or modern orangeries?

A traditional orangery design often has more brickwork, including brick pillars. It’s likely that traditional orangeries will follow in the same style as the existing outside house appearance e.g. red bricks, red brick orangery. It’s seen as more of a home extension than a separate room, as from the outside view, it will look like a continuation of the house.

Modern orangery designs have much more of a focus on glass and the open space – they’ll likely be less reliant on the brickwork of the traditional orangery, but have more emphasis on maximising space, light and modernity.

Orangeries from Framemaster are a new take on the traditional atrium-style conservatories, brought up to date with the very latest technology. Whilst based on traditional building technologies, orangeries add a touch of contemporary flair to any home and bridges the gap between a conservatory and a glass extension. And with our bespoke service, you can design your own orangery whether it’s traditional, modern, or a blend of both.

For more of a modern twist, why not consider the addition of bi-folding doors? Effortlessly linking the inside to the outside, the quality and experience of design, manufacture and construction of bi-folding doors make our orangeries innovative, modern and with unrivalled designs.

For more information on our bespoke orangeries or to get a quote, contact a member of our team from Framemaster today for helpful support and advice.

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