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Top Tips on Keeping Your House Warmer this Winter

The team at Framemaster have put together a list of top tips on how to make your house warmer: check it out!

How to make your house warmer

Keep your curtains closed at night

By keeping your curtains closed, this is likely to keep the heat in and lock the cold outside. Perhaps you live in a particularly cold area? You may want to consider getting insulating curtains! Also, a top tip is to keep the curtains closed while you are out the house, too, as that will keep the warmth in the house right where it should be – inside your home.

Close doors around the house

Closing the doors on warm rooms also keeps the heat inside. If the family spends most of their time in the living room or their bedrooms, keeping the doors closed is a great way of keeping the home warm in the rooms that matter the most!

Programmable thermostat

Having a programmable thermostat in the home is another great way of regulating your home temperature, but also keeping down your energy bills, too. Say goodbye to manually fiddling with the thermostat – your programmed heat will increase your energy efficiency as well as allowing you to wake up in a warm home in the morning!

Seal air leaks

Fill in gaps around windows and doors with insulating tape to trap draughts of air creeping through cracks in your home. This will help not only to ensure the cold air stays out, but it will also keep the warm air in for longer!

Double/triple glazing

Of course, one of the most common ways when researching how to keep your house warm is insulating your windows. Our double glazing or triple glazing windows from Framemaster are the perfect way to keep out the cold while keeping your house warm and cosy over winter.

Now you know how to keep your house warm over winter, perhaps you want to buy your new windows? Get in touch with a member of our team today, or visit our Solihull showroom.

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