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The Benefits of Building a Conservatory

Thinking of ways to improve your home and enjoy a better quality of life? Many homeowners take on home improvement projects not only to increase the value of their homes but also to make their everyday lives better. Conservatories can be undervalued sometimes, but there are so many different benefits to adding this additional space to your home.

We have put together the top perks to adding a conservatory to your property…

More living space

When we think of ways to add space to our home, most of us automatically visualise a conversion or extension of some sort. Many of us forget that a conservatory can add that much needed space to your home. 

Conservatories don’t have to be confined to being the sunroom or storage area, they can also act as a space for entertainment, a sun-filled dining room, a playroom, extra lounge or anything else that will enhance your living space.

Cost effective add-on

When looking at adding more space to your home, you’ll soon realise that a conservatory is a much more cost effective option that any other extension. If it is executed correctly, you could still have the effect of adding value to your home, but without such a dramatic initial outlay.

Here at Framemaster we provide the highest quality service with the best materials on the market. It is always important to find a supplier that will have your best interest at heart, so we always recommend having a chat with them and requesting some case studies.

Add value to your home

Having a well-built conservatory is indeed an investment not only for its helping improve your well-being but also for its helping you financially. It can increase the value of your property, so in case you decide to sell in the future, it will attract more potential buyers. Surprisingly to some, a conservatory costing between £5,000 and £10,000 could increase the value of your home by five per cent – an average of around £15,000. 

Remember that gardens also add significant value, so strike a balance between adding the extra room and minimising outdoor space.

Improve lighting

Another benefit of conservatories is their ability to brighten up your home. Conservatories let in a significant amount of natural light and will also heat themselves for most of the year thanks to the sunlight that they absorb. This lends itself well to use as an additional living space or entertainment area.

As well as helping to improve your mood, this may save money on lighting your home and provide you with a dose of vitamin D, which is especially important if you’re likely to spend most of your working day indoors.

Enjoy your garden throughout the winter

During the winter months, there’s very little to enjoy about sitting outside in your garden, when it tends to be cold, wet and windy for the majority of the season. With it’s glass exterior, a conservatory is the perfect way to make sure that your garden doesn’t become a no-go zone come the cooler months.

By using the highest quality materials and engineers, a conservatory will add value to your home. Here at Framemaster, we take pride in our work and complete jobs to a standard that you would expect, going above and beyond for our customers. If you’re looking to add value to your home with the addition of a conservatory, then get in touch today!

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