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Blue sky


Products Used:
  • BlueSky
  • Aluminium alternative
  • Grey windows
  • Anthracite grey windows
  • Modern windows
  • Triple glazing

Framemaster’s aim for this project was to ensure that the house had soundproof windows, as the house was directly under a flight path. As a result, we ensured that we picked and used the right windows and doors in order to improve the acoustic decibel rating. This was achieved by using 6mm glass in all of the windows in the property. We worked on the project with the homeowner as well as assisting the architect in achieving a modern finish to this new build home. We assisted in picking out the right windows to ensure that the 6mm triple glazed glass could be fitted, but also add the modern finish that was needed.

We offered our unique aluminium alternative windows in Anthracite grey, this gave the modern finish that the homeowner was looking for. The aluminium alternative windows also came with dummy casements to offer an equal sight line throughout the property. This works perfectly with the timber alternative cladding to the front of the home, breaking up the brick finish to the exterior of the property. Again, this produces a modern and aesthetically-pleasing finish to the property.

Our final suggestion for the build was to offer seamless aluminium guttering, meaning the property to no longer needed gutter brackets like on conventional guttering. Instead, our system can offer runs of up to 40m with no joins and has hidden brackets for a seamless appearance.

Throughout the whole project Framemaster was able to achieve a modern, secure, warm and soundproof home for the homeowner to move into.