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How To Prepare Your Home For Extreme Weather

Many British homes aren’t built to withstand the increasingly extreme weather conditions we are facing. From soaring heat waves to relentless rainfall and crashing storms, making moves now to weatherproof your home will have you grateful in the future. 

According to research conducted by the Met Office, stubborn gales are the greatest risk for damage and disruption to property in the UK with the average cost of damage exceeding £300 million each year. 

At Framemaster, we appreciate that, for a lot of families, a home not only means warmth, security, and familiarity, but it is also the greatest asset that parents can pass on to their children. 

And with the stakes so high we recommend annual inspections of your home to stay assured that you and your loved ones are protected in a weather emergency. But there are some immediate checks you can exercise to rule out any pressing issues. These checks might save you a contractual battle with your insurance company since any evidence of neglect might mean they won’t cover damages. Major problem areas that are worth regularly auditing typically include roofing, the chimney, windows, and doors. 

If you notice anything untoward after a quick examination of these areas, contacting a professional might save a lot of money and hassle in the future.

Check for loose fencing and roofing

Having loose fencing around your garden magnifies the potential damage a storm can inflict on your home. Although it might not be appealing to the eye, removing loose panels of fencing is a much safer, if temporary, solution to protecting your property than leaving it in its tenuous place only to be battered by the UK wind and rain. If you have animals that roam freely in your garden, it is worth trying to put a temporary fix in place.

The loose tiles atop your house are often the first victims of gusts and gales. Not only can it be sent smashing into a glass window or fall into a drain, but it can also expose the loft of your home. Then you’re opening yourself up to water damage and the potential breakage of any possessions that might be sat under your loose tile. Loose tiles can also hit members of the public and injure them, so it’s important to be mindful.

If you feel competent re-securing a loose tile then doing so as soon as possible is the best course of action. Otherwise, we advise removing the tile and having it professionally reinstated at your soonest convenience. 

Address blocked guttering

Drainage and guttering is often a region that gets neglected, and when a drain’s functionality is impaired it can lead to a host of disastrous consequences. This is an area of maintenance that is not always covered in residential insurance contracts. Vital for funnelling away rainwater from the structure of our home, blocked piping can cause leakages, water damage, a build of moisture that develops into dreaded mould, and, in extreme cases, flooding. 

Checking that your guttering is free from obstruction and firmly secured is a good sign that your home will withstand heavy rainfall. 

Mind the glass!

The reality of shattered glass is nothing short of a scene from a nightmare. And there are a lot of domestic myths around taping your windows with duct tape that are more hindrance than help. In truth, keeping you and your family safe from smashed windows plainly involves securing robust, good-quality windows. It’s a smart investment that doesn’t just prove vital in an emergency scenario, but their energy efficiency guarantees a more comfortably heated home throughout the seasons and a leash on those skyrocketing utility bills. 

Figures vary depending on your property size, but for a standard, gas-heated, semi-detached home, upgrading your windows could save you between £120-£155 per year.

At Framemaster, we produce reliable, durable aluminium windows. They are built with premium materials highly resistant to rust and corrosion and guarantee a lifespan measured in decades not years. 

Additionally, if you’re torn between the aesthetic appeal of refined, glass french doors and their greater potential for risk in a storm, consider our range of high-quality french doors in aluminium, uPVC, and timber. As with all our products, they come with a ten-year guarantee that promises peace of mind when it comes to value for money, safety, and security. 

Weatherproof your home with Framemaster

For further advice on securing your home against the adversities of extreme weather, contact the friendly team of professionals at Framemaster. We are experts in all things home renovation, from essential windows and doors to bespoke conservatories and luxury glass extensions. Or, you can visit us in person at our Solihull home. Our expansive showroom is situated on Robin Hood Island, Hall Green, Birmingham, where we welcome you to come and take inspiration and make those first steps to fulfilling your dream home renovation project. 

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