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How to install aluminium windows

Aluminium windows are favoured amongst industry professionals by virtue of their strength, ease, endurance against the elements, and lasting aesthetic appeal. Aluminium frames are slim-lined, making windows appear much bigger for that bright, contemporary style of home.

How much do aluminium windows cost? 

Our aluminium windows are constructed with sustainable, premium materials designed to last several decades.  How much it costs to install aluminium windows customarily ranges between £350 – £600, with aluminium sliding windows being anything up to £990. Certainly, the quality, versatility, and easily customisable nature of this material has the power to enrich your home in value and appearance and, crucially, robust security and warmth. 

Of course, contacting a professional in the industry to install your new aluminium windows is always the most advisable route. The experts here at Framemaster are happy to discuss your requirements and help you bring your home renovation project to life.  

Don’t hesitate to contact us here or visit our Solihull showroom for a free, no-obligation quote today. But in the meantime, here is a simple step-by-step overview of how to install your own aluminium windows. 

Measure up

Before you pick up any dismantling tools, you’re going to want to note down all the necessary measurements. Figuring out the height and length of the window matches neatly with the height and width of the opening is the first vital step. 

It is an option at this point to pre-drill holes into the top, middle, and bottom of what is called the reveal (the surround fit used to support the aluminium frame installation). This will simplify the later task of situating the window into the wall. 

Gather the necessary equipment

This will include: 

  • Some other humans!
  • A measuring tape
  • A drill (ideally two)
  • A hammer 
  • A set square 
  • A spirit level 
  • Packers 
  • Safety equipment such as protective glasses and ear defenders 


Typically, having at least two other people to help is required to do this job smoothly and safely. These extra hands can assist you with carrying potentially heavy equipment and gives the option of having one person standing on the inside of the building and the other on the outside. This way your helpers can smoothly guide the window into its new spot.

Confirm that the framing is flat by using a spirit level on the window’s ledge. A great hack is to use packers to adjust the positioning weather than trying to get it perfectly level on the first insertion. 

Make sure that the frame is flush against the inner wall by carefully but firmly pushing from either side and fit the second side of the window by repeating these steps.

Finally, you’re going to want to drill in the screws, but first, you ought to complete one last check for gaps between the windows and the wall. Once again, plenty of packers are the key here for filling in holes. Simply use a hammer to lightly knock them into place, and then snap off the ends for a clean finish. 

How to install aluminium windows in steel frame

Although generally the exact same process, you might want to grab some additional materials when fitting an aluminium window into a steel frame. A gauge angle is a lightweight material that makes application effortless. You can screw this into the sides of the window (ensuring to leave 10mm space for plaster) to help you fix the window to the frame. 

How to install an aluminium window in a brick wall

Furnishing a new aluminium window into an existing brick wall is a much more challenging job and should really be done by someone skilled in the trade. These are frequently major remodelling projects if the opening isn’t already parallel and perpendicular and there is often cause for new masonry or siding. 

Window installation with Framemaster 

For the best results, it’s always recommended that you work with professionals, and us here at Framemaster are leading home improvement experts. We cover services for every stage of renovation, including design, supply, installation and maintenance. Using the latest technologies, we craft bespoke conservatories, orangeries, garden rooms, windows, doors, and more. 

Framemaster believes in protecting the original character of your home and each of our renovations works to enhance the value and complement the existing look of every house. So contact us today to make your dream project a reality.

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