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How to Decorate your Conservatory

Although your conservatory is predominantly built with glass walls (either windows or doors looking out on to your garden), decorating the inside of your conservatory can refer to the décor, the furniture you use, the flooring and carpet, and the colour scheme.

Our guide puts together both large and small conservatory décor ideas – and provides inspiration for you on how to decorate your conservatory. Not only can you create a great living space for the whole family, but you can learn how to keep your conservatory warm and cosy over the winter months.

Conservatory décor ideas

Firstly, it’s important to define what your conservatory will be used for. Will it be an additional office space? A second living room? A playroom? Our list of conservatory room ideas will prompt you to consider both common and unique room ideas for your conservatory.

Once you’ve decided on the room’s purpose, that’s where the décor comes in.

  • Style – choosing your conservatory’s style is arguably the most important décor idea to consider. Is your conservatory going to be modern? Rustic? Traditional? Country? Whatever style you choose will determine the rest of your conservatory décor.
  • Colour scheme – high ceilings and big floors allow for more darker tones, as so much of the room is filled by glass that it wouldn’t compromise too much on light. However, a common colour scheme for conservatories is light and pastel – as they create an airy effect which the natural light can bounce off.
  • Flooring and carpet – whether you choose laminate flooring or cosy fluffy carpet, this will again adhere to the style that you’ve chosen for your conservatory. You’ll also want to consider the room’s purpose again – if this is going to be used as an exit to the garden, especially with young children in the house, white carpets may not be the best choice to avoid mud and dirt. Another consideration is how warm the room may get when the sun is beaming on it – a medium to light wood tone is likely to dissipate some of the heat, meaning you’ll be able to walk over it more comfortably than dark wood.
  • Choice of furniture – one of the major considerations with choice of furniture for your conservatory is its resistance to the effects of natural light exposure. That’s why upholstered, wooden and rattan furniture are popular choices for conservatory décor. Match this to your style, colour scheme and flooring and you’re all set!

Now you’ve decided on how to decorate a conservatory, get a quote from Framemaster for your new conservatory now.

How to keep conservatories warm

Wondering how to lock in the heat during the winter months? Our detailed guide, ‘Can I use my conservatory all year round’ has this covered – from flooring to heaters and the glass you use in your conservatory, we provide tips and ways to keep your conservatory warm. This guide also details how to keep a conservatory cool in the summer. For more information on our conservatories, or conservatory refurbishment projects, get in touch with a member of our helpful team. Alternatively, visit us in store at our Solihull showroom.

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