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How to adjust french doors

how to adjust french doors

We have long cherished the beauty of french doors. Their ability to bathe a room in light, offer expansive views of your garden, and make any space feel infinitely bigger makes them an irresistible choice.

From ornate Georgian french doors to sleek aluminium alternatives, portes-fenêtres suit both traditional and contemporary-styled homes. But alongside a desirable aesthetic, they’re also durable when taken care of. Hence, Framemaster’s bespoke french doors, as with all of our products, come with a decade-long warranty so you can be sure of your investment. You’re also spoiled for choice with aluminium, wooden, composite, and uPVC french doors all within our specialty. 

However, if you’re already the lucky owner of a beautiful pair of french doors, you’re likely aware that they might drop over time. So here is a professional’s guide on how to adjust french doors when you notice this happening. 

What you’ll need

  • Allan keys in the correct size
  • Screwdriver
  • Tape measure
  • Bubble level
  • A ladder for the petite amongst us

Things to keep in mind

Most french doors operate on a tilt-and-turn mechanism. Maintenance for this style of compound isn’t labour intensive, but keeping the tracks clean and the screws tight go a long way in ensuring your french doors last. It’s also wise to stay aware of the typical problem areas, these include:

  • The handle (and its accompanying locking cams)
  • The lower bearings (this is usually located at the door’s bottom corner, at the opposite end to the handle)
  • The upper bearings (commonly situated at the top of the door on the same side as the lower bearing)

how to adjust french doors

Method 1: Diagonal Casement Adjustment 

This is the method you want if the leaf (the main side of the door that swings open and shut) is hitting the doorframe. To rectify this, your french doors need to be adjusted diagonally via its side bearings. 

First, note the distance between the dropped leaf door and the frame utilising your tape measure. Then, you will want to extract the plastic cover so you’re ready to access the side bearings.

Using a screwdriver, turn the screws set in the side bearings clockwise to lift the leaf door upward (anti-clockwise if you go too far and find you need to lower it again), and voilà!

Method 2: Parallel Adjustment 

This method is perfect for fixing french doors that jam when they are opened and closed. It involves adjusting the leaf horizontally, but this can get a little tricky so an extra pair of hands might be of benefit. 

Focusing on the upper and lower bearings, both screws need to be turned alternately. As the screw in the upper bearing is turned clockwise and the screw in the lower bearing is turned anticlockwise, the leaf door will consequently move upward. Back in its correct position, the leaf door should once again smoothly open and close with ease. 

Method 3: Adjusting the Contact Pressure

Rather than concentrating on the bearings, this style of adjustment regards the locking pins. These features are located on the side of the door shared with the handle, but more robust safety doors might have them situated on the hinge side. 

Draw out these pins and turn them clockwise for a trusty pressure-tight door. If you feel some resistance when trying to open and close the door, simply turn the same pins anti-clockwise until you’re happy with the pressure. 

If your french doors border the exterior of your home, preserving the contact pressure is vital for maintaining thermal efficiency for your home and shrinking energy bills. Protecting you from the cold and out-of-control energy prices is important for us here at Framemaster, which is why we specialise in the installation of only the best high-quality double-glazed french doors.

French doors with Framemaster

If you’re continuing to struggle in adjusting your french doors or have any other queries regarding home improvement, contact the friendly team of experts at Framemaster, Birmingham. We have years of useful practice installing quality french doors, sometimes with matching french windows for a luxurious, harmonious appearance throughout a home. Equally, we offer sliding french doors to rid you of the trouble of door adjustment all together. For more inspiration, visit our expansive online brochure or our impressive Solihull showroom, located on the Robin Hood Island, Hall Green. 


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