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Finding the Right Home Improvements For You

Your house should be more than a building you live in. It should be somewhere that you are proud of and belongs to you. Your house should reflect who you are and be a place you want to go home to at the end of your working day. Your house should be your home, and exceed all your needs and expectations.

Whether you want a green themed kitchen or a little bit of extra space, your house should suit your lifestyle, and our all of our lives are unique, so our homes should be as well. A retired couple isn’t going to have the same living wants and needs as a family with two young children,  or a homeowner with a dog, and your home should reflect this and be personal to you. One of the best ways to improve your home inline with how you want to live is to invest in a little extra room.

Why a conservatory?

Conservatories and orangeries are a highly desirable feature that will enhance any home, and purchasing a conservatory or orangery is one of the biggest investments a homeowner can make. Purchasing the right extension will not only create extra space and light,  it will increase the value of your home.

A Family Room For Everyone to Use

For families with little ones, space can be a luxury. Between sprawling toys and unfinished games, you will quickly find that your home becomes a live-in assault course. If you’ve had to divert your journey and jump over piles of toys, or hold back the tears as you remove the fifth lego brick from the bottom of your foot that week, having more space in your house is probably something you fantasise about as you drift off to sleep every evening.

A great way to make that fantasy reality could be by creating a little extra space through the form of an orangery. Orangeries give your house extra space and light through their stunning glass ceilings, but provide more privacy than a conservatory due to their brick pillars. This modern take on the traditional style conservatory means that your orangery doesn’t feel too detached from your home and can hold its own as a room with a purpose. Their feature of bi-folding doors gives this room a beautiful contemporary vibe, and is perfect as a living room or kitchen extension. You could introduce a dedicated play-zone or attempt to create an adults only recluse, with a play-doh free carpet – you can dream, right?

Getting Closer to Nature

Conservatories and orangeries do much more than create that extra space indoors. They enable you to get closer with nature. If you fancy having an outdoor brunch, or watching the outside world pass you by on a Sunday afternoon, then a garden room is an ideal home improvement option. It is a perfect way to enable pets to roam around, whilst you lounge and enjoy your garden, whatever the weather.

During the summer and winter months you might find that a conservatory turns into a sauna or freezer – there is no inbetween. Whereas a Garden room is a space that can be enjoyed all year round, whatever the weather. Whether it is snowing or sunny, you’ll be able to appreciate the outdoors without the desire to sit in a bucket of ice or wrap yourself up in a duvet.

Whilst Garden rooms have similarities to the traditional conservatory, the offer a contemporary edge, such as  bi-folding doors that flood space with light.  The Garden room also uses a solid tiled roof, so you won’t have to worry about the marks that nature often leaves on a glass conservatory roof. These stunning rooms offer more than a taste of the great outdoors..

Retractable Barbeque space

If you’ve already got a conservatory or want something that allows you to be outdoors with a little protection, then Veranda Glass extensions are the perfect way to enhance your outdoor experience. This cross over between the conservatory and extension allows you to sit in the garden but still be covered from bugs and the rain. If you host a lot of garden parties or barbeques then a veranda means that you will no longer be another casualty to the unreliable British weather. With the choice of line-slider or bi-folding doors, you can create the perfect veranda that will suit all of your outdoor wants and needs, so you can keep those barbeque tongs out.

Light, Space and Enjoyment for All

No matter what your family life entails, a conservatory, orangery or veranda  extension can benefit all kinds of lifestyles. It is simply a question of finding the right style for you. If you are thinking of creating this special space within your own home, visit our Birmingham showroom today to see our quality products and speak to our specialists.

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