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Conservatory Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

How to take care of your conservatory

Whether you’ve had your conservatory for a number of years, or you’re interested in building a conservatory and looking for tips on conservatory maintenance, our conservatory cleaning advice has you covered. From understanding how to clean conservatory roofing, guttering and windows, to keeping the inside spic-and-span, learn more from our guide today.

Conservatory cleaning

Ensuring that your conservatory is kept clean and tidy, both inside and out, is important for both the aesthetics, but also the functionality of the conservatory, too. So, how do you keep a conservatory clean?


Using a conservatory cleaner, you can add this to water and use an accelerated handle cloth to wash the windows on both the inside and the outside of the conservatory. When the surfaces are covered in foam, it’s a good idea to leave the windows for around 10-15minutes, so that the conservatory cleaner has time to sink in. This can then be either wiped off with a cloth and water if cleaning inside windows, or it can be rinsed off with the hose for the outside windows. It’s worth also using a microfibre cloth to ensure there are no smudges or marks from the cleaning process – so you can then see clearly out of your now clean and washed windows.


One of the most important things to remember when cleaning the conservatory roof is that you should not stand on it. The glass is not built to bear the weight of heavy loads, including our body weight. Instead, an extendable cloth or brush can help to wipe the cleaner around the top of the conservatory, as well as a hose nozzle which is capable of reaching the height of the conservatory with ease.  

Wondering about the best way to clean the inside of the glass of a conservatory roof? An accelerated handle will help to reach the heights of the glass and the framework of the roof. A top tip is to use a car wash mitt over the top of the accelerated handle, which has the noodles on one side and plain cloth of the other side – meaning this is perfect for absorbing water.


Weed, debris and moss can easily find its way into the conservatory gutting and the drainpipes. As well as being aesthetically displeasing for you, this can also affect the functionality of the pipes. It’s recommended to clean out the guttering on your conservatory twice a year.

You’ll need a ladder to reach the guttering, depending on the height of the pipes, and use gutter scooper or a rubber spatula. Here, you can scoop out the debris, and you can even then hose out the guttering for an extra clean feel. However, if you do come across any blockages that are not able to clear, don’t try and tackle these yourself – call out a plumber and they can help you with this.


And, of course, while its important conservatory maintenance is taken care of on the outside, keeping the inside clean and tidy is equally as important. There are various types of conservatory room ideas that your space can be transformed into, such as dining rooms, work offices or lounge areas, but it’s important to keep it clean, regardless of the space. Sweeping the floors, hoovering the carpets (if applicable) and dusting the windowsills is important to include in your regular cleaning routine.

Another type of conservatory maintenance to consider is ensuring that the décor is up to date, and that the walls may need a lick of paint here and there. Learn more about how to decorate a conservatory from our detailed guide.

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