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When Should I Replace My Windows?

when to buy new windows

Feeling a constant draught through your windows? Or perhaps you’ve noticed a large increase to your energy bills? You may need new windows. Learn the signs to look out for or when to buy new windows, the benefits of new windows and more from our helpful guide today.

Signs you need new windows

Sometimes windows are replaced in order to fit in with more modern décor, or just to give the home a general revamp. However, often there are tell-tale signs that would indicate your windows need replacing. These can include:

  • Increase to bills – if you’ve seen a large influx to your energy bills over the last couple of months, this may be due to needing replacement windows. Especially in the cooler months, it’s tempting to whack the heating on full blast on the chillier evenings – but it may simply be that your windows aren’t keeping in enough heat.
  • Draughts – a constant draught is one of the most common signs of needing new windows. Not only can this create a chilling environment in the winter months, but it can also directly affect your energy bills. It may be that your existing windows need extra glazing, or they could be faulty.
  • Faulty windows – do you have windows that are difficult to open or close? As well as letting cold air in and warm heat out, this also puts your house at a safety and security risk.
  • Rotting window seals – caused by rain, rot can creep up on the window seals which can lead to water damage, and eventually, lead to damp in your home – so if you spot any rotting window seals, this could be a sign for needing replacement windows.

Benefits of new windows

As well as the obvious benefits such as letting in sunlight, ventilating rooms and letting the sun organically heat up our homes, there are often practical benefits of buying new windows, too:

  • Security – buying new windows can not only improve the modernity of your home, but also improves your existing home security, too. From manufacturing to installation, safety and security is a vital aspect of production as window security is an important consideration for many homeowners.
  • Improve energy efficiency – reduce your carbon footprint as well as reducing your energy bills with when fitting new windows. By reducing heat loss through your windows and boosting home insulation, greater energy efficiency could be achieved for your annual bills.
  • Reduce noise – whether you live on a busy main road, close to a train line or simply want to block out any outside noise keeping you awake at night, new windows can help quieten any outside noise or nuisances. Double glazing or secondary glazing can usually help reduce the noise of outside interferences by a considerable amount!

What to look for when buying replacement windows?

The main consideration to be aware of when looking to buy replacement windows is to ensure you choose a trusted supplier. Exemplary customer service and the best quality products are preferable – and with Framemaster, you can be sure to receive this. Find out more about our wide selection of windows in Birmingham and Solihull now.

Looking for replacement windows for your own home? Whether you’re searching for uPVC windows, Reynears aluminium windows or coloured windows, Framemaster provide an eclectic range. Get in touch with a member of our helpful team today to find out more today.

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