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Benefits of bi-folding doors

When it comes to choosing the doors for your home, you want to make sure they’re the perfect choice. So, what is it about bi-folding doors that makes them so popular with home-owners? Learn about the benefits of bi-fold doors and why they’re the perfect investment for your home today.

How do bi-fold doors work?

Also known as bi-folding doors or glass sliding doors, bi-fold doors slide open while their panels fold up entirely – providing you with a wide opening to either the outside or any room. These types of doors are mostly used for patio use – opening out onto the garden, or a conservatory.

What are the benefits of bi-fold doors?


Natural light

One of the main advantages of having bi-folding doors in your home is the addition of natural light. Bi-fold doors open up your home, flooding it with natural light regardless of whether you choose to have interior or exterior bi-fold doors fitted.

Creating more light in the home also creates a more sociable atmosphere. Bi-folding doors are great for outside BBQs in the summer, giving people the option to chat inside or relax in the sun outside easily – allowing for seamless integration.


Here at Framemaster, we can design a bespoke bi-folding door set tailored specifically to your dimension requirements. For any opening from 1.2m – 10m, let us create the perfect bi-folding doors for your home.

You can also fold your doors to the left or right when opening them up into a room which, compared to a traditional patio door, adds another dimension of flexibility into the home.

Space saving

Bi-fold doors collapse back on themselves, making them the perfect space saver. And with their slim profile, they are less conspicuous than traditional patio doors or living room doors. Save on space while also allowing two rooms to feel more connected with the option of opening up the doors.

Safe and Secure

With multi-point locking systems and high-security hinges, bi-folding doors offer a greater level of security for your home than traditional doors would. As well as this, little fingers are protected through the safety aspect of finger-safe gaskets and low thresholds, meaning it’s a perfect choice for younger children.

Modern and contemporary

Bi-folding doors offer a contemporary style and create a modern up-to-date look for your home. The addition of natural light these doors bring into the home helps to create a new look that resonates modernity. While providing a slick look for the outside, they also provide a luxurious feel to the inside of your home.

Low maintenance

As bi-fold doors do not have multiple panes or frames, this makes them a lot easier to clean than most traditional doors and windows. A simple occasional wash down to prevent a build-up of dirt is advised for maintenance.

Now you know the benefits of bi-fold doors, why not purchase some for your own home? Explore our wide range of interior bi-fold doors, exterior bi-fold doors and more from Framemaster today. Choose your Aluminium bi-fold doors today.

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