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8 Advantages of Double Glazing

benefits of double glazing

What is double glazing?

Double glazed windows are windows which have two layers of glass with a space between them. These have been designed to reduce the loss of heat and block out external noise. Compared to single glazing, double glazed windows have been proven to not only reduce energy bills and exclude noise, but are better for the environment, easier to maintain and can increase your property value, too. Find out more about the advantages of double glazing from our 8 best benefits below.

What are the benefits of having double glazed windows?

1. Noise reduction

With single glazed windows, not only does this let in chills from the temperature outside, but it can also allow all the external noises in, too. Whether that’s cars driving down the road, dogs barking, people walking past the window – hearing these noises is never ideal if you’re trying to get to sleep. However, one of the benefits of double glazing is that it masks a lot more of the noise – meaning they’re especially beneficial if you live in a noisy area, near a train station or airport or are a light sleeper.

On the flip side, you can also enjoy listening to music loudly in your own home without the worry of disturbing your neighbours!

2. Security

Smashing or breaking a single glazed window can be generally pretty easy to do, as there is only one pane of glass to break through. So, to prevent intruders from breaking into your home, double glazed windows have a much more protective shell with two panes – meaning they’re harder to break or to be forced open from the outside. By adding double glazing to your windows, you can rest assured that your house is a lot more protected.

3. Insulation

One of the most commonly known advantages of double glazing is insulation. Keeping the cold out and the heat in is vital during the chillier months, and double glazing can make a huge difference.

With the additional pane of glass, double glazed windows act as better barrier – not letting as much heat escape on those colder days. There are also double glazing benefits in summer – as they keep the extreme heat outside rather than letting it protrude into your home, keeping it a little bit cooler. With benefits in both summer and winter, double glazing is effective at regulating temperature in the home and avoiding the extremes.

4. Aesthetically pleasing

Do you have a specific style of exterior for your house? Whether it’s traditional or modern, all architectural profiles can be fitted with double glazing while keeping the existing character of the house – that way you can keep your original aesthetics without having to compromise on lack of insulation!

5. Reduce on energy bills

As double glazed windows keep more heat in, you’re less likely to need to heat up your home excessively with the use of central heating or storage heaters. With the current surge in anti-climate change and helping the environment, having double glazed windows help as they will inadvertently be eco-friendly, as your energy bills are likely to decrease substantially after having double glazing windows fitted.

6. Increasing property value

Not only does it add insulation to your home, but adding double glazed windows to your property can also increase its value. Double glazing allows the house to be more comfortable to live in and makes it more attractive to potential buyers.

7. Condensation

Condensation is caused by high levels of humidity in the air being trapped in your home, causing water droplets and moisture on the panes to condense. However, one of the advantages of double glazed windows is that it reduces condensation – this is due to the temperature of the interior window pane being closer to the air temperature of that in the house, meaning condensation is generally avoided.

Condensation can cause huge problems for not only your windows, but the foundations of your home, too. Find out more about how to avoid condensation on windows.

8. Easy to maintain

Lastly, one of the benefits of double glazing is that they’re easy to maintain from cleaning to maintaining the value of the property for years to come. To clean the windows, simply wipe the frames with soapy water every so often and your windows will be sparkling within minutes. In terms of longevity, modern double glazing is designed to last for years – so your home will be happily insulated, blocking out nice and reducing energy bills for time to come.

Looking to buy double glazed windows online? Framemaster can help – simply come and visit our Solihull showroom today. Alternatively, if you’re unsure when to buy new windows, our intuitive guide can help.

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