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7 Ways to Tell You Need New Windows

The idea of replacing your windows may seem like a big job, or one that can be put off indefinitely. After all, so long as they allow light to filter through, they’re probably sufficient, right?

Unfortunately, not quite. Like anything subject to wear and tear, windows have a shelf life. And while this timeline is substantial (especially when your windows are cared for and well maintained), it is not infinite. Here are seven signs indicating that you may need to consider installing new windows:

  • Your window frames are damaged or decayed

Window frames, especially those made of wood, will almost always show the effects of weathering over time. When damage or decay progresses past the point of repair, it may be a good time to install new windows. Window frame damage includes chips or cracks, rot or decay, or anything else that affects their structural integrity. Not only will the installation of new windows improve this structural limitation, it will also increase the overall aesthetics of your home.

  • Your windows are difficult to open or close

This is sometimes linked to faulty or damaged window frames, but not always. Rusty hinges or a poor paint job can also cause your windows to stick and jam. On the surface this might seem like an inconvenience that requires nothing more than a bit of force to resolve, but in the case of an emergency, a sticky window can limit an essential escape route. At Framemaster, we pride ourselves on our window designs and expertise, so this may be the ideal time to install a new window design that is suited to your property.

  • You can feel a draught when close to your windows

Draughts from closed windows mean that the seal is damaged and your window is never truly “closed”. This could occur through a fault in the locking mechanism or a compromise where the pane meets the frame. In either instance, replacing the window might just save you money in the long run.


Window draughts often directly impact your heating bill – as cold outside air becomes cold inside air. As such, the once-off expense of investing in the installation of a new window costs less money than the ongoing increased use of energy to warm your home. 

  • Your windows show condensation

Window condensation is a sign of a damaged seal or a poor initial installation job. Usually appearing as dew-like droplets on the inside or outside of the window, condensation can cause two problems over time: it creates the perfect environment for mould to thrive, and it limits the overall light the window can let in. Condensation-affected windows can be repaired, but because repairs aren’t always successful, the safer option is to install new windows and rest easy knowing that the problem has been fully resolved.

  • Outside noise is audible

Windows are not soundproof, but if you’re able to hear everything from road noises to your neighbour’s arguments, it’s likely that your windows are not providing enough insulation. Modern windows reduce the transfer of these outside sounds, and can make a noticeable difference in the quality of your home life.

  • The property has single pane windows

Most older properties have single pane windows, as these were simply what was available at the time of the build. However, single pane windows are not as effective as double glazed glass, often leading to excess heat on sunny summer days and a cold room during winter. The advantages of replacing single pane windows with a more modern window design are numerous, including better temperature management, reduced noise, and a lower propensity to cracks or breakages. 

  • The house has a lack of natural light

Some properties fall foul of an incorrect window layout, where not enough natural light enters the home. In this case, installing new windows can quite literally breathe new life into a living space, changing not just the window itself but the whole room altogether.

For everything windows, choose Framemaster

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