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5 best ways to add value to your home

Looking for ways to add value to your home? Often a lick of paint or switching over to laminate flooring can help along the process. But if you want to really increase the value, it may be that you need to fork out slightly, too, to truly gain the long-term benefits of the property increase. Learn more about our top improvements to increase home value today.

How to add value to your home

Whether it’s something simple or you’re planning a larger project, find out our best ways to add value to your home now:

1. Windows

Upgrading your windows is one of the best ways of increasing value to your home. Whether it’s improving your windows from single to double (or even triple glazing!), or enhancing your home by adding aluminium windows, not only does this increase the value of your property – but it also provides lifestyle advantages, too.

Benefits of adding value to your home through improving your standard of windows include:

  • Increased thermal efficiency
  • Reduced heating bills
  • Improved security
  • Reduced noise from outside
  • Less harmful UV rays
  • Aluminium windows provide more strength, durability and resistant to rust and corrosion

2. Doors

By improving the standard of the doors in your home – including your front door – you are adding value to the property should you decide to sell it. This could include creating a more modern chic look for your home – as you would by having bi-folding doors fitted, or adding to the exterior design of your outside area by adding sliding patio doors for a more modern yet secure twist.

There are many similar benefits to improving the standards of your doors as there is to windows, such as security, increased thermal efficiently and reduced noise from outside. Adding in a more modern and secure door to your home usually means providing slim-lines with more glass, and a less visible frame – enhancing the overall exterior or interior design of your home. For extra security, try our composite front doors with their Yale Keyfree locking mechanism!

3. Conservatories

Want a way to expand your current home interior while adding value to your property? Conservatories are a perfect choice. Conservatories open up a living space, such as a lounge or a dining room, while creating a cosy escape for the winter and a sunlit haven for the summer.

Design a conservatory that is perfect for you – and with our free of charge visualisation simulation service, there’s no need to simply imagine your new design when you can see it come to life with Framemaster. This simple way of adding a luxury living space to your home can be the perfect addition – and remember, if the conservatory is below a certain size, you may not even need planning permission for it.

4. Orangeries

So, what is an orangery and what’s the difference between an orangery and a conservatory? The key main differences are:

  • The brickwork
  • The glass
  • The roof

With many similar benefits of adding value as a conservatory, building an orangery onto your home can also add more insulation – due to orangeries using more brickwork than conservatories; more privacy for your home – as conservatories are made up predominantly of glass windows and doors; and also natural light streaming into your home – despite not being totally made of glass like a conservatory. Whether you value natural light and open spaces over protection and insulation is your call – but either a conservatory or an orangery is guaranteed to add value to your home.

5. Home extensions

Of course, extending your home is bound to largely increase the value of the house – but is also likely to be the most expensive way of doing it. Whether you want to expand one of the spare bedrooms over the available roof space, or you want to extend the kitchen out into the garden – Framemaster is here to help. This is especially beneficial if you have a growing family and would prefer to stay in your current family home than go through the process of moving house.

Here at Framemaster, adding value to your home is easy. Whether you’re looking to expand with a home extension or touch up with simple double glazing, get in touch with one of our experts today for a quote and any advice you need on your home improvements.

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