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Triple Glazed Windows

In a new effort to reduce carbon emissions, the Government have in recent years focused much attention on the window industry to increase the energy efficiency of our homes.Triple glazing is in most cases the best way of this happening.

Triple glazing is three panes of glass with an argon filled air gap between each pane combined with the latest energy efficient glass that both work to reflect the harmful UV rays entering the home and causing over heating. The inner pane also works to retain as much heat as possible.

Through our various window systems it means when offering triple glazing it is possible to achieve an unrivaled U Value of 0.6.

There’s a lot of conflicting advice out there about the benefits of windows with triple glazing over those with double glazed units – all worthy of further investigation, but if you were to ask the hard working team in our very own offices, they would simply tell you they are.

Our standard range of double glazed windows would make a valuable addition to any home, but if you feel able to add a little more to your initial investment, you could upgrade to our newly launched triple glazed option and reap the added rewards.

What are the benefits of our Triple Glazing over Double?

Warmer – Here you can see the clear effect of Triple Glazing, the image shows a home we changed the windows on the downstairs is showing an old double glazed window Framemaster installed 10 years ago the upstairs window is a new Triple Glazed window and the swing in temperature is approx 9 degrees.

Quieter – Independent tests have been carried out on triple glazing and the results have proven that they will have a pronounced improvement on noise reduction (Acoustic -Noise reduction min 32dB-max 52dB) – this is achieved by utilising a triple glazed unit with an overall width of 40mm- the wider the gap the better the noise reduction – additionally noise travels less readily through a gas than a solid, than through a gas-triple glazed unit as they have argon gas sealed inside them – so if you live in a noisy area the benefits could give you real peace of mind.

Safer – all of our windows carry the coveted ‘Secure By Design’ accreditation and have passed the British standard security PAS24 – but quite simply – it is harder for anyone to break through 3 panes of glass and a 40mm glazed unit – so the security is even higher!

Cold Spots – as we insulate the walls and roofs of our houses, we sometimes increase the chances of creating areas of cold spots around our windows, they are practically eliminated with our Triple Glazed upgrade – so you will be able to use more of your living space right up to the surface of your windows – you will notice a huge difference inside the house.




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