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Frameless Windows


Your perfect house should reflect you, your world, and how you choose to live in it. See your living space in the best light possible with a brand new style of glazing. Minimalist wall to wall glass that brings a new level of brightness to every aspect of your home

Lumi Frameless Windows

Lumi is a groundbreaking new range of customisable, matching frameless windows, bi-folds and doors from Apeer. With their completely flat, uninterrupted profile, these radically styled windows bring a wall of light to your home.

Hidden under the ceramic colour lies the secret to Lumi’s strength – energy efficient triple glazing that has been structurally bonded to an internal core of high strength, glass-fibre reinforced profiles. This intelligent piece of engineering is the first of its kind on the market, bringing all the design benefits of frameless glazing with all the strength, security and internal styling of more traditional windows and doors.

A consistent, high quality finish of architectural detailing can have a surprising impact on the overall success of an interior. Lumi is one of the only wood or PVC alternatives with an interior finish that can be matched across the trims, window boards and sills of all the frameless windows, doors and bi-folds in your home. Available in a choice of eight styles, four of which are convincing and subtle wood grain finishes, Lumi is the simple way to upgrade your home interiors. A consistent, high quality finish of architectural detailing can have a surprising impact on the overall look of a house.


Energy Efficiency

Lumi’s frameless windows have been designed to conserve energy and withstand even the most extremes of weather. With a state of the art 50mm insulated triple glazed unit, an 80mm draught free double rebate system with a triple gasket seal as standard, Lumi frameless windows are among the most energy efficient on the market.

The 50mm triple glazing is made from 6-4-4 toughened glass, insulating the home against both cold and noise. The flush glazing completely hides the glass-fibre double rebate stormproof frame, offering exceptional U-values and unparalleled weather protection. We can also supply this triple glazed unit with two panes of low emissivity glass filled with argon gas for enhanced energy efficiency.

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